Endy Chavez

Our darling outfielder Endy Chavez has hurt his hamstring and ankle while playing Winter Ball in Venezuela.  He is supposed to be able to play during spring training, though, and hopefully this will not lead to any more injuries that will keep him out for most of the season, like last year.  endycatch.jpg    This of course is my favorite picture in the world.  Whenever I see this picture or watch the Mets 2006 video, I get the chills.  It is amazing!  I could’ve been at that game with my family but of course, I was away and I was also, of course, away when Daryl Strawberry came to my school.


Jonathan Papelbon

I’m guessing that if you like the Mets, you may also be a Boston Red Sox fan, as am I.  If you watched the 2007 World Series, you will know what I’m am about to talk about.  Have you ever seen one of baseball’s best closers come out in his jockstrap and start doing the Irish Jig to the Dropkick Murphys?                                            No one knew about Jonathan Papelbon’s “magical” dancing skills until October of 2007.  After the Red Sox won the ALCS, he started to dance and got the whole team involved.  It turns out that Pap’s entrance song is I’m Shipping Up to Boston by the Dropkick Murphys, (someone must’ve known about this dancing), and that was the song he danced to.                                                                While we’re on the subject of the Red Sox, also during the World Series, they formed a band in the bullpen.  They would take spoons, or anything else they could find and bang cheers on the top of the bullpen…a very funny site if you ask me.  If you want to see a video, type “Jonathon Papelbon Dancing” (or something like that) in on YouTube or Google. wtf.jpg     alcs_game7_dkm.jpg 

Best of 2007

Hi everyone!  Here’s a poll on the best Met’s moments of 2007. Just comment with the number of which one you think of the best and I’ll add them together.   1. Tom Glavine wins 300 career games.  2. Pedro Martinez 3,000 strikeouts.  3. The Mets opening the season with a four game sweep on the Cardinals.  4. 11th inning walk-off by Shawn Green.   5. John Maine’s Almost No-Hitter.  6. Walk off Bunt by Endy Chavez.  Here’s some pictures of the moments:      


The Mets with Santana?  Seems impossible but it’s not.  With the Yankees supposibly “backing out” and the Red Sox side being quite, who else should come in but the Mets?The Mets are in need of a good rotation, hoping for at least some October games. Included in the Met’s offer are: Deolis Guerra, Carlos Gomez, Kevin Mulvey, Philip Humber, and possibly Fernando Martinez.Out of the main teams trying to get him, the Mets are the team that needs him the most.  The Yankees are supposibly losing intrest in Santana, and the Twins want John Lester and Jocoby Elisbury in the same package, which is something the Red Sox are not willing to do.  That leaves the Mets!  

Johan Santana